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I've been collecting unusual objects for quite a while, and several years ago I started posting them on this site as puzzles for visitors to figure out what they are. Most of the items are mine but a few belong to others, if you aren't interested in tools there are plenty of other type objects that have also been posted.

For first time visitors I recommend this archive for a wide variety of some of my best pieces.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

327. 3-3/4" long

328. These two coins were the same size until I worked on the silver one with a small hammer to give it a wider edge. I'm finished hammering on it but there are a couple more steps left to complete this small job, the puzzle here is to determine the nature of this project.

329. 5" to 9-1/4" long

330. 5-1/4" long

331. 1-1/16" tall




  • This looks like a pick-up tool. My dad has one that is a long cable with a sort of hook like this at the end. You pull a knob that is connected to a wire that runs through the housing and it closes the hook. Great for getting things out from behind the washer.

    By Anonymous stickler.iv@verizon.net, at 4/21/2005 3:15 PM  

  • 329 - An automotive valve spring compressor.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2005 5:25 PM  

  • 327. Pipe reamer
    328. You are making a coin ring
    329. A valve spring compressor for a side valve motor
    330. Personal protection key fob
    331. Collets
    332. Parts grabber

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/21/2005 8:21 PM  

  • 327 Reamer

    328 Model of english wheel

    329 Lift device. The more you lift the tighter it gets.

    331 Collet

    332 Screw Holder

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/22/2005 10:20 AM  

  • All but two have been answered correctly so far:

    328. Making a coin ring
    329. Patent valve spring compressor
    331. Spring collet
    332. Mechanical pick-up tool

    By Blogger Rob, at 4/23/2005 9:06 AM  

  • I shall only answer those without prior explanations.

    337 surface of a meat tenderizer hammer
    336 device to measure the specific gravity of a urine sample.
    333 mute for a trumpet


    By Blogger Political Fan, at 5/04/2005 12:08 PM  

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