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I've been collecting unusual objects for quite a while, and several years ago I started posting them on this site as puzzles for visitors to figure out what they are. Most of the items are mine but a few belong to others, if you aren't interested in tools there are plenty of other type objects that have also been posted.

For first time visitors I recommend this archive for a wide variety of some of my best pieces.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

557. 6" long

558. 11" long

559. A close-up of an object that some people might recognize:

560. 4" tall

Brass pins hold the two pieces together:

561. 50" long

562. 2-1/8" diameter, patented in 1898



  • 561 : Golf hole cutter?

    By Anonymous Ian, at 1/12/2006 4:49 AM  

  • 558. Some sort of knife or chisel for a ferrier
    559. Revolver magazine
    561. Ice auger for ice fishing


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/12/2006 10:28 AM  

  • 559 A poker chip carousel
    560 A wooden model used in metal casting

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/12/2006 3:02 PM  

  • 557 A farrier's hoof gauge

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/12/2006 4:08 PM  

  • 558 : A thatchers tool, maybe a knife?

    By Anonymous Ian, at 1/13/2006 4:14 AM  

  • >561 : Golf hole cutter?

    >558. Some sort of knife or chisel for a ferrier
    >559. Revolver magazine

    These three are incorrect

    >561. Ice auger for ice fishing


    >559 A poker chip carousel
    >560 A wooden model used in metal casting

    Both correct

    >557 A farrier's hoof gauge


    >558 : A thatchers tool, maybe a knife?

    It's not a knife, but it's used on thatch type material, though not for roofing.

    By Blogger Rob, at 1/13/2006 4:24 PM  

  • 562 A pocket meter (also called a pocket gauge). Once used by inspectors or maintainers to monitor battery condition in telegraph or telephone circuits. The scale measures amperes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/14/2006 10:36 AM  

  • >562 A pocket meter ...The scale
    measures amperes.

    You're on the right track, but it's not an amp meter.

    By Blogger Rob, at 1/14/2006 7:52 PM  

  • >>558 : A thatchers tool, maybe a knife?

    >It's not a knife...

    Actually, you were correct in that one part of this tool is a knife, though the name of it implies a different use.

    By Blogger Rob, at 1/15/2006 6:52 AM  

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