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I've been collecting unusual objects for quite a while, and several years ago I started posting them on this site as puzzles for visitors to figure out what they are. Most of the items are mine but a few belong to others, if you aren't interested in tools there are plenty of other type objects that have also been posted.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Set 235

I'll be on the road for a few days next week so I'll be posting on Wednesday morning instead of the usual Thursday.

1320. 8-1/2" tall:

1321. 10-1/2" long, submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify this tool, it was found under some floor boards of a house that was being demolished:

1322. 3" long:

1323. Approximately 6" tall, another unidentified device:

The top part can be moved but is spring returned to the position seen in the previous photos.

From Stan Seevers' collection

1324. 4-1/4" tall, from the 1940's:

1325. Around 12"-14" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this tool and a chance to win a t-shirt:

From Scotty Fulton's collection

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Last week's set is seen below, click here to view the entire post:

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  • Is it a numerical cow marker?

    By Blogger Cutie Rotunda .com, at 6/05/2008 7:20 AM  

  • 1320. An acid battery

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/05/2008 12:21 PM  

  • the first thing looks like a leyden jar, for storing an electric charge.

    found under the boards of the house: one truck tire tool from the thirties. the wrench end fit the lug nuts, the other end is a bead-breaking tool for unseating tires from rims when replacing the innertubes trucks used to use.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/05/2008 4:03 PM  

  • 1322 is a spring hose clamp

    By Anonymous tim underwood, at 6/05/2008 5:21 PM  

  • 1320 might be a wet cell (not a battery - technically, a battery consists of more than one cell, though nowadays battery=cell, I suppose)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/06/2008 5:50 AM  

  • 1324 Looks like a post or pipe protector for use when you need to pound one of them into the ground and don't want to damage the top of it.

    By Anonymous Brian, at 6/06/2008 8:36 AM  

  • 1320. Could be a diode (rectifier).

    By Blogger Stewart, at 6/06/2008 9:45 AM  

  • 1321

    this is to adjust air brakes on big trucks

    By Blogger colles, at 4/04/2010 11:48 AM  

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