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I've been collecting unusual objects for quite a while, and several years ago I started posting them on this site as puzzles for visitors to figure out what they are. Most of the items are mine but a few belong to others, if you aren't interested in tools there are plenty of other type objects that have also been posted.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Set 236

1326. Approximately 5" diameter:

1327. 9" long, submitted by a visitor looking to identify it:

1328. 12-3/4" long:

Turning the handle causes both the large horizontal disc and the smaller vertical disc to rotate:

1329. 5/8" square, more guesses on this piece at Neatorama.

1330. 6" long:

Larger image

1331. Around 24" long:

Larger image

Larger image

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  • 1329 -- standard weight for balance scales, or calibrating scales the 1 1/2 is the weight in ounces

    By Blogger Alex, at 6/11/2008 11:45 AM  

  • 1329 -- a taffrail log, used to measure the speed of a ship, it is missing the propeller screw which attached to a shaft at the back of the instrument

    By Blogger Alex, at 6/11/2008 11:58 AM  

  • 1326 old gas or water meter
    1327 candle snuffer and wick tool.

    By Blogger ScotchDrnkr, at 6/11/2008 1:32 PM  

  • 1327 is a rush light, the burning rush is held between the jaws when no candle for the socket end is available

    1329 looks like a mill-tax token

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/11/2008 2:30 PM  

  • 1328 - Looks like it counts out coins for putting into paper rolls.

    Coins on the bigger disk are swept towards the smaller disk as the big disk rotates. The smaller disk grabs the coins, and pushes them past the counter, where they drop into the tube. Looks like the counter increments, then maybe the "red flag" pups up when you have a rolls worth of coins in the tube.

    Casinos still use something similar - not to roll, but to count out slot wins. Motorized, so no crank. No little tube either.

    By Anonymous Solinas, at 6/11/2008 2:42 PM  

  • I'm guessing that 1330 is an ammeter - a device for measuring the current flowing in a circuit. I suppose it might be a voltmeter but a range of 0 - 120V is a bit limited. The ammeter has to be connected in series with the circuit so it needs to be beefy.

    The conducting cables are connected to the two posts on the lower-right, the contact made secure by screwing down the butterfly nuts.

    By Blogger Mike Dimmick, at 6/11/2008 7:34 PM  

  • n.b on 1330, the mirrored background is to make sure that the needle is lined up with it's reflection so that you're looking at it dead on and get an accurate reading.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/12/2008 6:33 AM  

  • I think that 1330 is a voltmeter, only because 120V is the high end of standard residential outlets (mine fluctuates between 110V and 120V)

    By Blogger Stewart, at 6/12/2008 7:42 AM  

  • 1327: It certainly does resemble a lighter/snuffer for candles or lanterns. Two questions: Is the conical section on the left hollow so that it could be used as a snuffer? Does the flattened section at the bottom of the photo have any holes so that it could be mounted on a long handle? The problem with this interpretation is that the end for snuffer and the match are at differnt angles and lengths. Perhaps the snuffer is not for candles/lanterns but for the punk/match itself? Maybe it's for artillery.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/12/2008 10:04 AM  

  • >Is the conical section on the left hollow so that it could be used as a snuffer? Does the flattened section at the bottom of the photo have any holes so that it could be mounted on a long handle?

    I'll ask the owner these questions and post the answers when I hear back from him.

    By Blogger Rob, at 6/15/2008 4:55 AM  

  • 1330 is definitely an ammeter, there is the exact same one up on eBay at the moment.

    By Anonymous Rowan, at 6/17/2008 7:23 AM  

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